Tuesday 13 September 2011

spring has defintely sprung!

The forecast temperature for today is 21*C (70*F) - not particularly warm but when there's a cloudless sky and absolutely no wind, the micro-climate of our garden seems much warmer.

The flowers on the archway I showed you on 1st September are nearly all gone - it's a short flowering season and last Saturday's winds didn't help.

But other things are in their full glory.

The azaleas by the back tap.

The screen of banksia roses (to hide the back neighbours' house).

And my personal favourite: the weeping cherry (almost in full bloom).


  1. So pretty! I love when the seasons change. Here, I'm awaiting the falling leaves - it's only a matter of time! Also, cherry blossoms are my favorites!

  2. The flowering hedge is beautiful! Love to see the other blooms-very cheery to look out on the color, isn't it?!

  3. Wouldn't you like to travel the world for a year and watch spring?

  4. You definentely weeks ahead of us, still alot of winter looking gardens around us. Atleast the daffodills are out

  5. The flowers are beautiful. I'm just saying goodbye to mine.


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