Monday 12 September 2011

perhaps I should return to work

When I worked, I was very rarely sick. Perhaps that's because I was employed on a part time (casual) basis and if I didn't work I didn't get paid. Perhaps it was because I don't like to let people down. I believe in honouring my commitments.

But truly, I rarely was so sick that I couldn't work. Sure, I went to work with allergies and sniffled (perfectly acceptable in many cultures) or had runny eyes.

In June, I told my boss that I either wanted to work two days a week or not at all. One morning a week - two and half hours (so that I was away from home for about five hours) - is just a pain, it interferes with real life and becomes a drudge. The long shot of that, for those who weren't following my blog back then, was that I received an email saying there would be no work for me this semester. That suited me fine. WM was happy for me to stay home so it caused no friction. I was in "forced" retirement and "happy as Larry"!

Since July, I have had a heavy cold four times. The first three times it came unexpectedly, knocked me down for about twenty-four hours, and was gone almost as quickly as it came!

This time my sinuses have become infected. I have an appointment to see the doctor -- this Thursday; by then I will have had this heavy infection for a week. As I type this, the occasional tear rolls down my face (I'm not crying), my head is throbbing, my nose feels like I've gone backwards into the swimming pool and the centre of my face feels like I've been punched several times!

I missed another sewing class today - I just couldn't face driving my car or driving my sewing machine! I haven't done any sewing for more than a week and it doesn't seem likely I will be doing any in the near future.

Enough of the whingeing - I'm off to knit!

Perhaps I should return to work?


  1. I do hope that clears soon. Sinusitis is horrible. I had a it a few weeks ago. I've also had a bit of a relapse lately but think that's been caused by the dust in the boxes of books I've been unpacking.

    I can relate to the colds coming back too. I had a really nasty cold twice in a short period of time.

    Take care and don't push yourself.

  2. A visit with Aunti B [antibiotics :')]
    will make you all better in no time! The first bout has just been plaguing you ever since....sorry, I can relate!

    You will be up and sewing in no time!

  3. That stinks! Perhaps you have an allergy to smething that you wouldnt have encountered it you were at work...although I find it much nice to say, "gainfully employed," I may not have a job with a pay check, but I definitely work.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  4. This cold certainly has been a bad one. Hope you get better soon.

  5. I wonder what the change is - to go from not getting sick to getting sick quite a lot? Have you felt stressed or run down? two short bursts of work a week would hardly have been stressful so perhaps there's some other stress in your life?

  6. Dang! It does make you wonder about the connection, doesn't it? Sometimes when we are super busy we 'don't have time' to be sick and then we stop for a all hits us at once. Sinuses and clearing them out might be a metaphor for clearing out other '*&^%' from your life ;) I love symbolism in everything ;) Hugs, feel better soon!


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