Sunday 11 September 2011

When is enough enough?

On Friday a good friend came to visit (Hi D!). I picked her up form the railway station and when we arrived, DD and the Grandboys were already here. We had a lovely day knitting and talking and eating and talking and knitting and talking and ...

DD and the Grandboys stayed overnight. Older Grandson didn't sleep well because his ears were bothering him. He's okay when he's upright but lying down obviously puts too much pressure on his ears. Because he slept in our room, we didn't get much sleep either. Well, we did but it was definitely broken sleep!

Yesterday we visited the Farmer's and Artisan's Markets at Castle Hill. The Farmer's Markets were good; we looked, we sampled, we bought some strawberries and navel oranges and I was given a bar of goats' milk soap to try - I hope it works because I have very dry skin which becomes itchy and when I scratch it sometimes tears! We ate freshly made spinach and feta gozleme. OG loved the samples of yoghurt he got to eat! And now he loves strawberries too!

The Artisan Markets were a bit of a disappointment. Apparently some stall holders had already packed up and gone (was it the bitterly cold wind?). The markets have only been operating for four months and there were less than twenty stalls when we got there more than hour before closing time. It didn't help that one of the stall holders was complaining to the one of the other stall holders that people walk past (obviously us since we were just about the only people in the hall at the time) without even stopping. Doesn't she know that people walking slowly can look at the same time? And that there are some things in this world that are just not that interesting to some other people even if she finds them endlessly fascinating?

On the way home, we stopped at the Big Box Store for the much advertised Quilt Expo - a total waste of time! The store in Castle Hill had a much larger range of fabric than our local store but our local store displays fabric by colour and the CH store by some other kind of system - so if you wanted fabric in one colour you'd have to look in three or four different places! Needless to say, DD and I didn't stay long (WM was in the car with the sleeping Grandboys) and we didn't buy anything!

And now to the point of my post. Because the last couple of days have been filled with other things, I haven't had any time to read blogs. This morning I've been catching up! It's midday; I have spent four hours reading and commenting! I'm still in my pyjamas. I haven't had breakfast! I haven't done any knitting (I'm working on a pair of socks that I started last night and plan to finish them in time to wear next weekend - am I mad or what?)

I enjoy all the blogs I read but this is a total time suck! Imagine what it will be like when I go away for the weekend, bring my mum back to stay for a week, then go away for another weekend! I'll be days catching up!

What do you think: when is enough enough?


  1. I think all of us struggle with keeping up. If I get behind (and I do frequently), I very often will just read the most recent post and let the rest go for most of the blogs. I also don't comment as much when I'm in catch up mode. I don't think any of us keep up completely with all the blogs we follow when we are away.

  2. When I have a backlog of posts I just don't comment on as many as I usually do, and sometimes it takes me a few days tomget through them all. I think real life (and knitting!) has to take precedence over blogs. But I do understand the dilemma, as I feel it too sometimes!

  3. Read the highly important ones, the ones you look forward to reading every time they appear and then just mark the rest as read. You'll miss stuff but if it's important they'll self link to it and you'll catch up with it then.

  4. I need my connect with my blog friends-your call about too much connect though! Isn't some down time nice for a change? Goats milk soap is a wonderful addition-I use it every winter when my skin gets too dry-better here in FL than when I was in NY but winter still robs our skin of moisture!

  5. I would have to say it's enough! Whenever I get behind on blogs I resign myself to just reading those within the past day, and those that truly look interesting to me (or those that are friends). That usually takes a half hour to an hour. I hope this helps somewhat! Bummer about that last fabric store, by the way.

  6. Have you tried Aveno lotion. I bought it years ago for my boys...they had the chicken pocs. Found out it did wonders for my dry skin.

    Don't worry about catching up with least not the reading of them. As to the writing of them, I want to hear all about your adventure.

  7. It is a time suck - with working full time, trying to keep up my own posts not to mention the knitting and sewing, I don't comment as much as I used to. Only 'when the spirit moves me' - I just can't do it all. But I try to comment often enough to let the people I care about know that I am there, and I am reading.


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