Monday, 29 August 2011

the wrangling continues ...

I finished the third of the eight flannelette baby blankets yesterday. Yes, I know it's slow going but I didn't sew all day - I have a life outside quilting!

So here is Blanket #3.

Notice the zigzag pattern of the images printed on the fabric?

Well, I'm very proud of my ziggurat-style quilting!

Wrangling Score:
Boss of the Flannelette (that's me!) 3
fabric 0

Will I get all eight blankets done before Thursday? I doubt it, but any number I make is more than they had before, isn't it?


  1. Nice to be on the conquering end, isn't it?! This one turned out so cut-love the quilting lines!

  2. I love making flannel blankets and quilts. So soft and so sweet to think of little ones all wrapped up in them. I love using my leftovers for simple baby bibs and burp pads, too. Some of my happiest times are just making things like these. Quick and yet so sweet!

  3. Your baby blankets look wonderful. The quilting is great. I have no idea how close you have to quilt.

  4. What a great chance to practice quilting. Love the zig zag.

  5. you'd get them done if you didn't sleep! ;-)

  6. Looks like you have mastered the secrets of the flannel. Congrats. Good luck on finishing up the others


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