Sunday 28 August 2011

still wrangling the flannelette

But at least I'm winning now!

Thanks for your words of encouragement; I am learning a lot from all this wrangling!

I have two blankets finished so far but since they're both made from the same fabrics, I'll just show you one.

Oops, I guess I should have ironed it before taking the photo! I had it folded, ready to deliver to Angels for the Forgotten.

Anyway, this is the second of the two blankets - the one where I pinned it to within an inch of its life before cutting. This system worked fine for me so I'm sticking with it, despite it being quite time-consuming with all that pinning! Whatever it takes, right?
And, lest you think my quilting is not straight - I chose "organic" quilting lines to avoid the images on the blanket and to practise my curves! I told you I had wrangled and won! Sewing curves on sticky flannelette is not easy but I'm the Boss of Flannelette!
cute critters!

I also found a way to quilt the first blanket from side to side. I held it up, gave it one hard shake and laid it down. Wherever all the excess fabric fell (the top is slightly stretched and therefore larger than the back) is where I pinned it. And now that it's quilted, no one will know.

So, flushed with success of Round 2, I re-enter the wrangling -- I still have six more blankets to make before Thursday morning. Round 3 coming up.

However, before I go, I do have one question: how close do two layers of flannelette need to be quilted?  My quilting lines are about nine inches apart because I want minimal quilting (it's meant to be a soft, cuddly baby blanket after all) but I don't want the blanket to warp in the wash.

Can anyone help me or will I find out for myself by washing one?


  1. I normally quilt 6" apart but the blanket is small so your lines should be fine. They turned out very nicely-no one will know the angst they have caused!!!!

  2. I would leave it at 9 inches apart as flannelette does shrink when washed (I assume you didnt prewash it?) so the 9 inches should be good
    Really close quilting lines could end up in a mess after the shrink factor
    PLUS you are happy with 9 inches so go for it!

  3. i like curved lines. I did them on my first little quilt. I think they add softness (in appearance, I mean).


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