Tuesday, 30 August 2011

two more baby blankets

Yesterday I went to my weekly quilting class.

My previous teacher always said it was better to try something new in class than to do things that could be done at home without help. I agree with her. After all, I pay the teacher so I can learn something.

So yesterday I took one of flannelette baby blankets to class. I basted it at home so I only had to do the quilting.

Then I learnt how to use the backing fabric as the binding!

The mitred corners were so much easier than I thought they would be.

I also changed the quilting slightly from the previous blanket with the same fabric - see those points!
I enjoyed the process very much - probably because it eliminates a whole lot of basting, pinning, marking, seaming and cutting; all of which worked well but added a long step to the process of making blankets and was therefore not very time efficient.

This 'new' method (to me at least) also eliminated that "turn it to the right side and manipulate the seams to lie flat" process which I find tedious (although I did discover if I press the seams open and flat against their respective fabrics, it works a little better!)

So, last night I ironed and basted another pair of fabrics - here is the final result; far from perfect but done (and the baby won't care!)

The colours are a bit washed out in the big photo, the one below shows the true colour. The thinner binding was a bit more fiddly but it was all the excess fabric I had!

BTW, I washed the first blanket - the one which the iron spat brown gunk on: the nine inch quilting was fine!

I think I've gotten flannelette under control now!


  1. oh using the backing for the binding seems to sensible! Well done.

  2. Oh that's smart. I find sewing with fleece a bit tricky too.

  3. I really like these! Very nice edging with the binding done like this! You are getting to be quite broad in your knowledge!

  4. Usin gbacking as binding is my favorite. It can tricky but it looks like you've done a great job :)

  5. The quilts are looking good! So, let me in on the secret.....how did you get the mitred corners looking so good?????

  6. Great job. I haven't tired a mitered anything yet.


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