Wednesday, 24 August 2011

stash enhancement

While checking the Angels for the Forgotten website, I saw that they had almost reached their target for bags but were only about halfway to their target for blankies.

The deadline is next Wednesday, 31st August, and there is no way that I can knit many more blankets. I have one on the needles (see yesterday's post), and I might get another one done before next Wednesday.

I decided to buy some fabric to sew some lightweight blankies. Babies still need to be wrapped in summer, right?

So I bought this flannel fabric which is enough to make eight blankies of the required size (90cm - 36 inches - square) with the print on the front and the plain on the back.

two metres of each print, four metres of the blue

two metres of each fabric

I just need to find the impetus to sew between now and then - the sunshine is back but I still feel "woolly headed"!

While I was in the Big Box Store, I visited the yarn department. I found some Panda Comfort Wool reduced to $3.00 for a 100g ball. I'm not sure what the recommended retail price is, but $3.00 for 100g is a good price so I picked up all the balls they had left: six balls of blue, two balls of pink and one ball of charcoal.

Imagine my surprise and delight when I reached the check out and found the yarn had an orange spot on it and was therefore reduced to 50% off the marked price - wool for $15.00 a kilogram; you've got to be kidding me! Bargain!


  1. Very pretty flannels. Those will make up into lovely blankets.

  2. Can't wait to see your blankets! Perfect for little boys and girls!

  3. The flannel will make beautiful blankets! The yarn is a great buy and I am sure we will be seeing the finished work soon!

  4. Gosh that was a bargain for the yarn. The only time I have bought from them the yarn price went up, apparently I had the wrong colour for the reduced price :-(


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