Tuesday 23 August 2011

new knitting on the needles

I don't know if it's the weather (it's cold and grey with occasional showers), my painful sinuses or something else but I am just not feeling the sewing-love this week. I want to sew (I've even added to my stash - more about that later) but just can't seem to summon up the energy to measure and cut and re-thread the machine and press and ...

All I've wanted to do for the past three days is curl up under a warm blanket in front of the television. This, of course, means knitting time. I have been feeling a bit "woolly headed" so I wanted something easy to knit. Angels for the Forgotten still needs blankies for babies (90cm - 36 inches - square) so I found a simple pattern with a combination of yarnovers followed by k2tog or SSK.

The pattern is written for Aran weight (10ply) yarn on 5mm (US 8) needles. I am knitting in sports weight (5ply) on 4mm (US 6) needles to make it more drapey. I modified the pattern so that I started in the corner on three stitches and am knitting diagonally. This way I know it'll come out the correct size and didn't have to worry about calculating my gauge.

I'm very happy with the way it's knitting up. It's not fast, but it has only one pattern row, two purl rows and three knit rows in every six rows which is not agonisingly slow either. I now have 164 stitches on the needles and the blankie is 58cm (23 inches) along the length.

Because the pattern rows alternate between k2tog and SSK, the stitches slant in alternate directions - I really like that little detail!

What do you think?


  1. Lynne, I love this idea. As I too am very fuzzy headed atm can you please write out the pattern for me?

  2. You make it sound so simple but it looks just gorgeous! And I know how you feel about those weeks where you just don't feel like sewing... enjoy your knitting time Lynne!

  3. The blanket is very pretty and will be very useful for a Forgotten one. I am working on a blanket for the impending child of my middle brother, it's a nice relaxing knit, my first blanket knitting.

  4. I like the closeup of the stitch. Looks really good. I hope that sinusitis clears soon for you. It's a miserable complaint, although I think mine has just about cleared. Stay warm and cosy under the blanket and don't bend over even to sewing machine. When I bent over, pain shot through the top of my head.

    Forecast is for some warmer weather, so that may help.

  5. I love the way it is turning out! Very nice stitch pattern...

  6. I think it is absolutely gorgeous. And one thing I've learnt, is if you're head isn't in the zone, never EVER cut material! hahahaha It will end up a disaster every time.

  7. Very pretty. It almost looks like a row of x's and o's.

  8. Looks great, Lynne! I'm not a knitter, but the pattern looks very pretty!

  9. It's a lovely pattern, although I think all those ssks or k2togs in a row would drive me nuts! But it does look so effective!


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