Monday, 15 August 2011

quilting projects stalled (momentarily)

I didn't think I would get to this point so quickly! I have more than one quilting project on the go at one time! That's normal for my knitting but I have been a monogamous quilter (except for side trips into small projects) for the eighteen months I have been quilting.

Now I find I have three large projects on the go and another in pieces (while I decide on a layout) on the floor about a metre behind my computer chair!

My Country Houses Quilt has stalled because I am not happy with the one row that's complete and want to talk to my teacher this morning. The backing doesn't lay as flat as I would like and, before I undo it and re-stitch it, I want to make sure that it's not 'loose' for a reason!

The blocks for the Wonky Strings quilt are, as reported in this post, ready to be joined. I didn't have any fabric for the sashing or binding but yesterday I received an email from The Big Box Store informing me that they are having a "30% off all floor stock sale" today and tomorrow so guess where I am going after class?

I have lots of strings cut for my Scrappy String Quilt and, between us, DD and I have made twelve blocks! But I have run out of pieces of batting so I will have to buy some tomorrow while I'm at my LQS or the Big Box Store!

DD's three blocks
The fabric that I showed you (in this post) for the man's quilt is still in piles on the floor. It was the focus of my thinking over the weekend while I was away from home!

Thanks for your suggestions, I really appreciated them and enjoyed reading them. I think I'm going to make a modular quilt following the tutorials on Wanda's blog. I like to try new things and this looks like it would be the right choice for this fabric. Besides, the whole concept tickles my mathematical sensibilities!!

The deer fabric doesn't really work with any of the other fabrics which all have more naive style prints on them so, I will either save it for something else or put it on the back.

At this point, I am thinking of using the bear block as the focal point for the quilt - after I chop off that moose head on the left and leg on the right!

Would you put this block in the middle of the quilt or on the "magic" one third line (the "golden mean" of the art world!)?

And what do you think of the blue border on the bottom (there's one on the top too)? Would it look ridiculous on the top and bottom of a tall, skinny block?


  1. Congratulations, I think you've become a full fledged quilter.

  2. so much stuff on the go Lyn! I think the moose block should be on the magic line, not the centre. Something a bit off centre is always interesting.

  3. So many things happening at your place. Love the moose.

  4. Nice to see you have a full fledged case of quilting!!! Yes, use the moose block a bit higher-I would figure out the rest of the block sizes to see what dimension the moose blocks needs to be to fit in with his neighbors and then lop or save that border depending on what you find!

  5. It looks like you are going to have fun with this!


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