Tuesday 16 August 2011

Grace has reached me

A few weeks ago, I won a give-away (yes another one, I have truly been blessed) on Kate's Life in Pieces blog.

It took a little while for her to get here because she came all the way from Oklahoma. Thanks so much Kate.

The prize was a charm pack of Moda Grace by 3 sisters.

Grace Charm Pack

I don't want to unpack mine yet so here are the fabrics.

picture from http://www.wantitneeditquilt.com.au/grace-charm-pack/
Any suggestions for using a charm pack?


  1. Moda is one of my fav fabric companies! Oh, such a nice collection~ I see a tablerunner...what do you think!?

  2. Grace is a wonderful gift, double entendre intended.

    I love the small thumbnails, the patterns and colours are beautiful.

  3. Wow, you have been lucky! That fabric is beautiful! I have no suggestions for you as to what to make, but whatever you do I'm sure will be lovely!

  4. Gorgeous! Lucky you! My first two quilts are made of charm packs. There are lots of patterns around written for them and they have lots of ways of incorporating them either with other fabric, or just cutting them up to use them in interesting designs.

  5. Beautiful fabric! How lucky to have won the charm pack. There are a couple of tutorials using one charm pack for a quilt on the Crooked Seams blog. Enjoy whatever you make.

  6. I'd be heading over to Moda Bake Shop for some free pattern ideas.

  7. Congrats! A great prize. I agree with the suggestions above - or, you can simply add fabric, if you have any that matches, to make a quilt. If I have one charm pack though, I usually gravitate towards tablerunners :)

  8. So glad that you like Grace. I've never made a charm quilt, but I think Cindy's idea of checking out the patterns at Moda Bake Shop would get your creative juices flowing.


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