Friday 12 August 2011

What am I going to do with this?

I was given this bag of fabric at Caring Hearts Community Quilt Group last week.

The fabric is all flannel. The colour groups that I am about to show you consist of pieces about 16.5" x 9.5".

Here are the blacks
the blues
the browns
the greens
and a random piece

There are also four eight inch squares with a pattern that reminds me of manhole covers

and fifteen eight inch squares

which are all a variation of this Oh, and the central theme:

20.5" x 19.5"
and this
9.5" x 12" (there is also a blue border on the top)

I also have quite a large piece of cotton fabric that looks like old suede (I keep expecting it to smell!) that will be used for the backing.

I was thinking I'd fussy cut the deer and fuse-applique them on the front and put the bear in a central panel on the back. I might just cut the rest into squares and ....

Actually, I might do the opposite - put the bear in a central panel on the front and use the deer fabric as is on the back! Those part deer are a bit of a pain, aren't they?

I could really do with some help on this one. I usually have a plan before I buy fabric so having the fabric first is a new experience for me.

Any suggestions or comments?


  1. Those animal panels are to die for. As I am not a quilter I cant really give you an idea on how to use them but I will watch in anticipation to see what you do with these beautiful panels.

  2. I like the idea of a feature panel on the plain back. I've seen this quite a bit on quilts lately. It's nice to have an interesting back too. You could use the larger scrap and the deer/bear pieces for this.

    I had a load of square/rectangular scraps last year that I didn't really want to cut up even more so I 1) sorted then into similar widths, then 2) pieced the similar width pieces into long strips, 3) trimmed off any wonky bits, then 4) joined the strips. I had enough to make a good size lap quilt. If I had any leftover bits, I re-joined them into another strip if I could. I had very little waste in the end but I did buy fabric for the backing and binding.

  3. How about making a rag quilt? The seams are on the outside and it is a quilt as you go. It would be adorable and cozy in those flannels.

  4. How exciting to get to plan this with the scraps , too! I think that it might be easier to have the dear fabric on the back-otherwise it will run the show on the front! Have fun!

  5. You could always save those two panel pieces and make pillows out of them, and then just use the rest for the quilt? Just an idea!

  6. Some nine square blocks with the deer as the central square, or drop the animals and do some more strips but in sets of colours?


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