Wednesday, 17 August 2011

additions to the fabric stash

There are two Big Box Craft Stores in my town. One of them I rarely visit - the customer service is non-existent and the one time I looked for quilting fabric the choice was very limited! They used to have a wide range of Australian-made knitting yarns but over the past few years they have introduced their own range - all made overseas!

On Monday and Tuesday of this week, the other Big Box Store had a "30% off all floor stock" sale. How could I resist? LOL

And, because many people I know speak in derogatory terms of this Big Box Store, I have to say this: the last three times I have bought something in the store, the staff have been friendly and very helpful; yes, that's right fellow Aussies, I got customer service with a smile! And not just me - every person who approached the fabric counter was treated very well. On the other hand, I can rarely find anyone in the knitting/craft department. Usually they are at the "party" counter and don't know anything about knitting or craft. But the ladies at the fabric counter know what they're talking about and share their knowledge willingly!

So, on Monday, after class at my LQS (where I bought enough wool/polyester batting to make twenty four more string blocks), I visited the Big Box Store. One of the reasons for my visit was thread but I forgot to buy any! It took me ages to decide on a colour for the sashing for the Wonky String blocks. I think I auditioned every solid or near-solid on the shelves. Finally I settled on this one. I had to photograph it between two blocks to get something approaching the right colour. It is actually more purplish than shows here; I call it "royal blue", the fabric label calls it indigo".

The Wonky Strings quilt is a collaborative effort between DD and I. She wasn't able to go to the store with me so I had to make the choice alone. If DD doesn't like it (which would be unlikely since blue is her favourite colour), I'll keep it for the Scrappy Strings quilt.

I also picked up half a metre of each of these five fabrics. They were already discounted to $6.00 a metre, but I got 30% off - what a bargain!

And finally, I bought three metres of this purple fabric for a quilt idea I want to try. More about that later!

So, quilting has resumed at Never-Too-Hot-To-Stitch!

Speaking of which, do you like the new look (and the modified title)? 


  1. I DO like the new look, Lynne. It's simple but says a lot. I definitely wouldn't have been able to resist that fabric sale either ;) looks like you made out like a bandit! I love those florals and the blue.

  2. Love the updated blog!!! It fits you perfectly now! Nice new fabrics- you will get to know all the workers at the fabric store, trust me!

  3. Love the new look! Can't wait to see what you do with that purple stripey fabric!

  4. Over the years I have gotten to know quite a few of the staff at our Big Box store, and they are always friendly and helpful...and I made good use of their 30% of all floor stock sale on Monday ;)

  5. I have NO Big Box Stores near me, so it always involves a special organised trip. And I have to say I have been severly disappointed every time. The one time I was after material, there was absolutely nothing, yet the fashion stores had HUGE variety of what I was after :-(

  6. Very light and breezy look...although I miss the bright colored yarn you had before.

  7. I like the new look and the description is great. The fabrics are nice too, epecially the purple one.

  8. Very cool new look and title.

    I've seen several references to Big Box Stores. Is "Big Box" the name of the stores or is that just a generic nick name for that "class" of shop?

  9. The new blog set up is looking good :-)

    As for the Big Box Store, maybe they've heard some of the bad press and have impressed on their staff to pick up their game? You never know :-)


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