Friday, 5 August 2011

Caring Hearts Community Quilting group

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Yesterday, I attended the meeting of a local group of women who quilt for those less fortunate - whether through natural disaster (bushfire, flood, etc) or other unfavourable circumstances.

These meetings are held once a month, and this was my first meeting.

I was asked to sew down the binding on a quilt. Because I hadn't finished it, I was asked to take it home to complete it.

I was also given access to a cupboard full of fabric. After some discussion with the founder, I was given a enviro-shopping bag full of scraps (I didn't take any photos of that), some wadding (we all know what that looks like so no photos of that either)

several metres of hand-dyed backing fabric (desperately in need of ironing)

some finished string blocks (twenty in total: these are sewn onto a foundation but not quilted)

and some fabrics for a man's quilt!

When I got home, DD and the Grandboys were there. She was so excited about the bag of scraps she could hardly wait until we ate lunch!

The founder of the Caring Hearts Community Quilting Group is very trusting - she has no idea whether I will return the finished quilt and/or make and return quilts from the scraps I was given.

I will do my best not to break that trust!


  1. Excellent way to gain experience and do good, too! Charity quilts are thrice warming-you when you make it, give it away and when it is used!

    I think you have found a good niche for yourself and DD!!!

  2. I look forward to seeing what you make with the assortment of fabrics you've got there.

    The group I tutor are making one or two blocks each for a quilt that we'll donate to a local charity in due course. I'm at the stage where I need to decide on the sashing fabric to bring all the blocks together.


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