Thursday 18 August 2011

update on the floor

When we arrived home on Saturday night, this is the sight that greeted us in our family room.

The timber floor had been ripped up and only the underlay was left!

On Monday, a day's hard work by Michael and his off-sider gave us this:

The floorboards are pre-distressed so those marks are meant to be there - they just catch the light in strange ways. It will all settle quickly; all the rougher patches smooth out with constant traffic!

Michael's vehicle is in for a service so the old floor is waiting to be taken away!

A job well done, Mick; I'm proud of you! May your business continue to flourish!


  1. Looking good, Lynne. You'll be pleased to have it done.Fixing things like that and doing renovations cause a lot of mess.

    Now I've been here almost five months, I'm starting to think about my kitchen. It's small and tired. This was a rental property for ten years. Cupboards are in reasonable condition . New cupboards? New doors? Paint door? New tiles on wall? Will think carefully before I act. It's only tiny and I find some of the cupboards inconvenient as I'm short and they're high.

    The floor is fine, about the only thing I wouldn't touch.

  2. Beautiful choice on the flooring-so very rich and inviting. Glad that it is behind you (well except for the mess)

  3. Nice to see it is finally resolved after several months. :)

  4. Beautiful! It looks great!! Bet you're glad it's done.

  5. Beautiful! Now you have to break it in with bits of thread and yarn. It isn't he until you drop a few pins on it!


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