Monday, 25 July 2011

ready for blast off

Seventeen month old Older Grandson (OG) doesn't much like having his nappy (diaper) changed. He has long since outgrown the change table and is usually changed on the floor by his parents or WM, or on a bed by me.

OG squirms and wriggles and tries to escape. Usually that's okay, we're bigger and stronger than he is, but there are some nappies (diapers) that need an octopus to change them!

In 2007, long before we thought of our little girl getting married and having children, we bought beige carpet! Yes, that's right, beige! It stains very easily (despite being marketed as "stain resistant"). To protect this expensive (read: not to be replaced for a long time) asset, DD and I made two play quilts, one 36" square and the other 50" square, to catch the dribble, milk-chuck and other stuff that comes out of babies' mouths (and lower ends).

But quilts take a while to line dry so I wanted something that could be laundered more easily. (Yes, we have a dryer but we hardly ever use it; line drying is normal in Australia - this is the land where the rotary clothes hoist was invented!!)

On Saturday I cut some of this flannel

and some of this flannel

and sewed them together to make this

87cm x 55cm (35" x 22")
... the first of two change mats for an active, growing, not-yet-ready-to-be-toilet-trained boy.

I had such fun quilting this using my walking foot and having the machine on very slowly (I got faster as I went on); I also used Jan's ability to drive herself leaving me to concentrate on what my hands were doing!

I only wish I'd used a different coloured thread so I could see my work! LOL


  1. Hey-it turned out great! When you get some quilting time under your belt then you can change to a more obvious color of thread and see your stitches well! (but you are not knitting on the pinwheel blocks!)

  2. It's lovely fabric, it is sometimes hard to find good flannel for boys!

  3. good flannel for boys is a bit hard to find - RR is right!

    You know it's funny, every time I see someone explain about nappies v diapers, I think gee the internet's been around for ages now - i'm pretty sure everyone's worked out this language stuff!

  4. Great job with the quilting!


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