Monday 18 July 2011

a parcel came today by courier

At about half past ten this morning, there was a knock on my door. I'm not usually home on Monday mornings; I should have been at sewing class but didn't feel well enough to go today. I don't usually answer the door if I am home alone but I was expecting a parcel (albeit later in the week).

I signed for it and was told, "be careful, it's a bit heavy."

The box looked like this

I patiently waited until 3pm; a little while after WM got home from work - I had to share it with someone and he is always supportive of my crafty habits. When we opened the box, this was inside:

some of you know already!
We removed the protective packaging, and this is what we saw:

And here it, unpacked from the shipping box:
the cutter, three dies and two cutting mats

It came in its own sleeping bag!

Here it is, closed up, ready to travel (that's why it's called Go! and this is the baby - small - version)

Here it is, ready for use (and that's another post)!

Thanks, Accuquilt, for offering the Go! Baby as a give-away on various quilting blogs and for getting this one to me (from USA) so quickly!

Thanks, Nova, of A Cuppa and a Catch Up (an Australian quilting blog), for hosting the give-away.


  1. oh that's a bit exciting!

  2. Wow!!! Some giveaway! So happy for you-this will be a great addition to your quilting repertoire! This will make you feel better-enjoy!

  3. Well, what luck--although I wouldn't know what to do with it myself. Porbably it makes short work of cutting out fabric

  4. just the perfect prize for an enthusiastic [relative ] beginner ... you GO girl !!!


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