Wednesday 27 July 2011

one month old yesterday

Younger Grandson came into the world thirty-one days ago.

He hasn't changed much - still sleeping most of the time and bringing up every feed (which is still a concern).
photo taken by WM, 10th July 2011
But we love him anyway!


  1. So cute, definitely looks cuddly

  2. Doesn't look as if he's not getting enough to eat. As Maria said, he looks cuddly. My eldest was like that for months but tripled birth weight before six months.

    Mum was holding him one day in Woolworths when they still had long counters down the shop with assistants at each counter. She bent over to check something and Whoops! up it came all over the display. The assistant was a grandmother and said it was just one of those things. He was about 15 months then.

  3. Love the photo! I'm sure it won't be long til he joins his big brother in stirring things up...

  4. He looks very cute. I feel sorry for you thinking you had finished the quilting but hadn't. It is always exciting to move on to then next step. All the houses look lovely though.

  5. What a cutie -- love that smile! I hope they get the feeding figured out, my daughter was prone to that when she was little but eventually out grew it. Such a mess though, we couldn't take her anywhere!


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