Thursday 28 July 2011

I thought I could!

The Western Sydney Institute of TAFE is having their blanket collection and afternoon tea next Wednesday, 3rd August. The blankets will then be delivered to Wrap With Love at the ABC Knit In on Friday 5th August.

Each of the campuses in the institute competes with each other and themselves to see who can make the largest amount of blankets and to beat the individual campus and Institute totals from previous years. In 2009 the Institute donated 73 blankets, and in 2010 we donated 118 blankets.

In both 2009 and 2010, I made four blankets for my campus. This year I again made four blankets - I am nothing if not consistent! All four blankets are made from 8ply (DK) acrylic yarn so that laundering is not an issue.

I did push the time limit a little but I've made it with time to spare. Last night, I sewed in the last of the ends and finished crocheting an edge around the fourth blanket. Here, for your viewing pleasure (and my sigh of satisfaction) is the Pinwheel Blanket.

175cm x 100cm (70" x 40")
And here are the other three blankets I'm donating:

a crocheted blanket

Entrelac Blanket #2

and Fibonnaci Strip blanket

Do you see a theme of bright colours in my work? I thought you might!


  1. So proud of you! (and time to spare!) These blankets will bring much comfort-great job!

  2. You have done extremely well Lynne, pat yourself on the back.
    They are very happy and bright blankets

  3. I knew you could (and would) do it! Great job and all beautiful blankets.

  4. Wonderful! Four glories there - and happy one month b'day to the little one :)

  5. You did it! I love how they came out, especially the pinwheels (I'm partial to purple :) )

  6. I think I said you could do it! Great job on finishing! I think the Fibonacci is my favourite, it is very effective!


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