Saturday 16 July 2011

an old jumper

I knitted this jumper (sweater) back in the dark ages, before I had a blog. I finished it in 2003 and I think I worked on it (on and off) for about three years.

taken in artificial light but reasonably true to colour
It was inspired by Kaffe Fassett but is not one of his designs - it's one of my own. The theory is the diagonal patches of light colour would cause the eye to travel up or down rather than across as horizontal stripes would. I wanted something more interesting than stripes anyway!

I'm proud of this jumper but I don't love it. It's very thick and heavy; it's made mostly from 8ply (DK) weight yarn - with some 5ply (sportweight) and some 12 ply (chunky). It's mostly wool with a little bit of mohair.

I don't wear it very often - whenever I do, someone always wants to talk to me about it - it's not a jumper I can wear when I want to be "invisible"!

Now that I've seen the photos - it looks more like a man's jumper, doesn't it?

Today it formed the centrepiece of a workshop I gave on "colour theory for knitters". How did it go? I felt it went okay but it fell a bit flat! But you'd have to ask the participants for the real story, wouldn't you?

Can you guess how many different yarns are in the jumper?


  1. Upset I missed the workshop but not a good idea to be spreading my germs around.

  2. Sorry I had to leave part way through . I didn't think it was flat . I was thoroughly enjoying your talk !

  3. This sweater is amazing and yes, the eye does travel diagonally! It does look like a sweater a man could wear, too, but not just for men! I am sure the class was great-we are always our worst critic!

  4. Wow, that looks like a lot of work was put into it over three years! I'm going to say... 25?


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