Friday, 15 July 2011

a new project on the needles

I ran out of yarn to finish the pinwheel blanket (afghan)! I'm hoping WM can get some for me on his way home from work this afternoon.

Last night, I should have been grafting all the squares I have knitted but my head is still not clear (from my head cold) and I was having trouble seeing to pick up the stitches on the dark triangles!

Well, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

A few posts ago, I mentioned a group called Angels for the Forgotten. They are trying to collect 1,000 baby blankets and 3,000 bags by the end of August. These items are given to "the forgotten" - children who are going into foster care. I want to help and have bought fabric to make some bags but don't feel well enough yet to sew.

Knitting is a different story - I can do that, even with my eyes closed. So, last night, I grabbed some 4ply (fingering) yarn and my 4mm (US 6) needles and cast on several times because in my dopey state I can't count!

After the fourth attempt, I had what I thought was 192 stitches. I knitted six rows for a border then began my modified "Feather and Fan" (aka Old Shale) pattern. I got twelve stitches from the end of the first row and realised I didn't have 192 stitches! I had 182. I had to unpick the whole row. Finally I did what I should have done in the first place - I went and got some stitch markers! I don't generally use stitch markers for such an easy lace pattern but my head is obviously thicker than I thought!!

Anyway, in case you are interested, here is my modified Feather and Fan pattern. I modified it so that baby's little fingers wouldn't get caught in the larger holes created by yarn-overs and it would be faster to knit having no purl rows.

Note: Pattern is done over a multiple of eighteen stitches. (my extra two stitches are now edging stitches - I was going to have a border of six stitches but I wasn't pulling all my knitting out and starting yet again).
Row 1: *K2tog 3 times, (M1, K1) 6 times, K2tog 3 times*, repeat from * to * till end of row
Rows 2-4: Knit
M1 = make 1; pick up thread between next two stitches from back to front and knit (this creates a small hole and doesn't twist the stitch)
And here is a photo of what I have done so far - not much, is it?

14 rows


  1. Inspiring project! Pity I have no 4 ply with me. Will have to grab some tomorrow.

  2. Love that pattern! I have made a blanket, a shawl and a scarf from it! I am worried you set aside your pinwheel blanket-don't stray too long!


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