Saturday 23 July 2011

Country Houses quilt update

I have finally finished quilting each of the fifteen blocks for this quilt.

that shadow around the house is caused by the quilting line
close up of quilting 1/4" from the applique house

They are now laid out on the design wall (aka the living room floor) awaiting WM's and my "approval".

On Monday my teacher will show me how to join the quilted blocks together.

I started this quilt with one teacher who advised me to make the blocks 12" square. I made fifteen blocks, giving me a layout of 3 x 5 or a finished size of approximately 48" by 72" (with sashing, border and binding).

But then I changed to another teacher and in the process decided to make it by the "quilt as you go" method. Because the appliqued houses were only one inch from the sides of the block, my new teacher suggested putting sashing around each block to give me room to quilt - now they are seventeen inches square!

So, I hope the quilt shrinks in the process of joining the blocks - it is enormous! That means a fair bit of it will be hidden down the sides of the bed! *sigh*

Ah well, it'll be nice for the Grandbubbies to snuggle under, even if it is too big for the intended bed!

I live and learn!


  1. I think the extra sashing looks really good, it gives the houses a bit more room, so to speak!

  2. It looks so good all laid out! I like the alternating backgrounds, too. Not too big-you make a quilt and then find a bed it will fit! lol
    Good work. (I have not put a quilt together in the quilt-as-you-go method so I am waiting to see how you will do this!

  3. Great quilting on the house blocks. Joining them together and quilting as you go really can make the quilting go more smoothly than fighting a giant quilt through the machine. I'm sure it will look great on the bed, even if if does hang over a bit.


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