Friday, 22 July 2011


I made this poncho while DD was in hospital after having Younger Grandson.

There was almost no sewing with this poncho; in fact, there could have been none but I decided to turn the edges and hand embroider blanket stitch around the neck and hem

using a variegated 8ply (DK) acrylic yarn.

I had thought about it and researched online before cutting the fabric but I still got it wrong!

I feel that the length of the poncho overall is too small and the neck opening is too large. Therefore I have been reluctant to cut into the second length of polar fleece which I bought for the same purpose.

The ponchos are going to a group home for disabled adults. They wear ponchos to ward off the winter cold while they are waiting for the bus for their outings. These ponchos needed to be made of a fabric that is warm and easily laundered. Polar fleece, which is 100% polyester, can be thrown in the washing machine and will not unravel. Under the circumstances, a good choice.

I wonder whether the poncho should be more rectangular than square-on-point, the long side of the rectangle being the length of an adult arm span (i.e. about 60 -70 inches) and the width of the rectangle one and half times the length from the neck to the waist. After all, the poncho won't need to keep their back warm if they're sitting, just the arms and the chest. The hole for the head would be one third of the way across the width of the fabric so that the shoulders are covered.

Shirley, using polar fleece was an inspired idea - so much faster than knitting!

I can't visit the group home and ask for advice so has anyone got any suggestions for size?


  1. can't offer any particular advice on sizing but what a good idea - much faster than knitting! The stitching around the edges gives it some definition that works well I think.

  2. Agreed-very pretty and very practical! I think I would try the rectangle shape =try it on and see which you like maneuvering in better.


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