Monday, 13 June 2011


Last week, I visited my current favourite fabric and quilting store - HobbySew in Kings Park. I wanted to test drive a sewing machine but they didn't have a demonstration model of the one I wanted. That's okay - there's a craft fair coming up and I'm sure all the major sewing machine manufacturers will be there!

I also thought I wanted a magnifying glass that one wears around one's neck and which rests on one's chest. Something like this:
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HobbySew didn't have any of those either.

Okay, I wanted some thread and a marker of some description. The sales assistant was very helpful as far as markers went and left me to my own devices to choose threads in the colours I wanted. Out of the corner of my eye I saw lights and, yes, magnifying glasses. You know, the kind that stand on the floor and the kind that sit on your desk!

That's what I really needed - not one to hang on my neck and stick into my chest! So, I talked to the sales assistant and decided I would buy the one with the best magnification. No light - just great magnification. She told me the price had been reduced because the boxes were damaged. I was fine with the reduced price and we were in business. then the till showed toe real price of the magnifier I had chosen - more than twice the price I paid! I bought an Ott-Lite TrueColor Freestanding Magnifier with up to five times magnification.
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It works so well it makes my head spin! I knew there was a reason why I didn't want one hanging around my neck! LOL

Now all I have to do is use my recently revived sewing skills to make a cover to protect it from dust and damage!


  1. I bought one of those small magnifiers years ago when I was having difficulty with my cross stitch - I found it annoying and so I stopped cross stitch. I really need one of those bigger ones then I could cross stich again

  2. That was a really good score! Well done.


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