Tuesday 14 June 2011

seeding the fabric stash

I couldn't go to my last workshop at Aussie Patches without buying anything, could I?

First, I needed two more metres of this fabric for the backing of my Colonial Houses quilt. This fabric is flannel and was chosen because the green matches the darker green of my seven original blocks while the check (plaid) reflects the checks of the houses.

And then, Elizabeth, the teacher, and I had noticed that I seemed to be having trouble with accurate cutting so I had to buy a fat quarter to practice cutting strips; which I had no trouble cutting, by the way! I loved this green batik and it is so soft!

Well, if one fat quarter costs $3.50 and ten cost $25, which would you buy?


I bought ten of course! The green one above,

this one because purple is my favourite colour (it's a bad photo - imagine the green in purple!):

and these eight in blue-greens - a sophisticated palette, don't you think?)

I don't know what I'm going to do with them so I have started a fabric stash! LOL


  1. Yippee! A stash....wonderful choice of colors!

  2. Clever things those fabric stashes. They always manage to hide what you are looking for :) Love your seed fabrics. I had to make a beanie to wear it has been so cold lately! I have been sitting in the sun instead of sewing.

  3. of course I'd buy ten. Who wouldn't?

  4. you've got a looooooooong way to go to catch up to my stash.LOL. Does The Man know what he's in for ??
    Actually knowing your skills in yarn stash accumulation I suspect that he DOES have an inkling :)


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