Sunday 12 June 2011

knitted half square triangles

Having realised I did not have enough scrap yarn (nor the inclination) to complete the garter striped blanket in this post, I began a new blanket project. (I said I would make four and four it will be).

I am knitting it in Moda Vera Marvel, which has to be the softest 100% acrylic I have ever used. It also has a very soft drape, so I had to go down a size from the needles I would normally use to knit a blanket.

Inspired by my new found interest in quilting, I have been knitting half square triangles.

Four identical squares could be any one of these:

mosaic made at BigHugeLabs; thanks to Jennifer at That Girl...That Quilt for the tutorial.
 In fact, there are many possibilities for using these versatile little squares.

But I am making these:

Each little piece takes about an hour to knit and I need 112 pieces. Can I get it finished by July?


  1. It is a beauty-knit like mad and weave your ends in as you go so you won't be hours behind when you are finished! Good work!

  2. what a great idea to make a pinwheel blanket, it looks great. i am sure you can do it by July (I hope its the end of July not the start though!)

  3. Cool, it will look great. Don't worry if you don't get it finished by your deadline just extend it a bit. I am doing some crochet myself at the minute and sewing and knitting .... now what do I finish first :)

  4. Hi, it will look great. Don't worry if you do not get finished by your deadline..just extend it a bit. I am doing some crochet a the minute, its nice to change crafts around :)

  5. Interesting concept and yes, the possibilities and variety seem HUGE. A nice little fill in project over time too

  6. I'm always surprised at how much longer knitting takes than sewing....


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