Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Last week didn't go as I had planned. I wanted to finish all the blocks for my Colonial Houses quilt, ready for quilting.

On Sunday, after we returned from the restaurant where we had eaten lunch to celebrate WM's birthday, he went off to watch a program he taped last week, I went to my studio.

I sorted, I pressed, I cut, I sewed, I pressed and sewed some more. Then the machine began making funny noises. I took off the foot, took out the needle, took off the pressure plate and cleaned the machine. Then I put it back together again.

I started to sew. The light flickered. I stopped. I started again. The light flickered. I stopped again. I started again. The light flickered and went out. The bulb had blown.

I still had the original bulb in my Singer sewing machine when it "gave up the ghost" last year. It was then thirty six years old! They don't make things like they used to! (Yes, I did use the machine - quite a bit in my younger days).

Back to this "new" machine. I figured I could sew without the light - my studio has a great fluorescent light and I could see well enough to do straight seams. But ...

I couldn't get the tension right. On a low tension, the bobbin thread made loops. On a normal (mid) tension, it looked like it had been couched by the top thread. On a higher tension it made wavy lines.

I took out the bobbin and reloaded.  Nothing changed. I re-thread the machine. Still not right!

Yesterday the machine went to have the first service in its six year old life (it has hardly been used until these last few months).  I had to use a borrowed (ancient Bernina) during class yesterday.

So here I sit - a quilter without a machine. Luckily, due to my unscheduled interruptions and unreached goals last week, I still have some sashing and the backing fabric to cut.

And on Wednesday, my friend and I are off to the Stitches and Craft Fair to test drive machines.

Then on Thursday, she says hopefully, I will drive to the local dealer and purchase the machine of my choice!

I guess I'll just have to knit in the meantime!


  1. I agree the old machines were made to last, i had to buy a new one too, there has been some moments of frustration when the BSR is not going to my liking, i too adjusted thread tensions and fiddled for some time. I took it to the shop and she changed the needle, it seems to be ok now! Have a great time at the fair, and hope you find a machine!

  2. Darn, some days are so hard :-)
    Love the quilts, but I am so afraid my 20+ year old machine may just die if I get interested in quilting - another big darn for me

  3. I feel like what I do most is fix the bobbin, the thread, etc though my machine hasn't yet messed up enough for me to have to get it serviced, knock on wood - I hope you find a great new machine!

  4. Don't tempt me about a new machine! I have a Husqvarna about 15 years old which I probably should get serviced. It's a bit temperamental and its performance is patchy. However, it has a lot of baggage attached and I really didn't want it when it was bought for me. As I said, it has baggage or I do rather. I've been contemplating replacing it and giving it to a granddaughter after a service.

  5. Knitting is good since you have a deadline for the blanket! Have fun shopping for that new machine!


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