Thursday 16 June 2011

Colonial House blocks nearly ready for quilting

All of the blocks for my Colonial House quilt have been appliqued and squared up. One even has the sashing added.

My layout was provisionally decided before all the blocks were appliqued.

I was hoping to get all my sashing and backing squares cut yesterday but I had to look after GS#1 unexpectedly so didn't get much done in the studio! (Yes, DD is fine; thanks for asking - she still has three and a half weeks before her due date.)

Once I get that cutting and stitching done, I'll only have to buy some batting and cut it and I'll be ready to start quilting.

We had no class at Down Patchwork Lane this week because it was a public holiday on Monday. I am looking forward to next week's class.

I'm already thinking about my next project! Did some way say "hooked"?


  1. It's looking good, lovely to see it come together in stages

  2. I love how some of the houses have windows and doors, and some don't. Very nice design.

  3. Hooked on a line with a sinker I'm guessing :-)

    Those houses are looking awesome!

  4. It is really shaping up-you are doing a bang up job! So proud of you!


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