Monday 20 June 2011

disappearing four patch

Since I started quilting, one blog that I find truly inspirational is Kate's Arty Bits. A couple of months ago, Kate won the blocks from Block Lotto. I pondered the block and couldn't work out how it was done so I visited the site to find out the name of the block.

It was a version of the disappearing four patch block.

I decided to use some of my scraps and try one. This would be very good practice for accurate measuring and cutting.

My first attempt didn't go well; I tried to be clever rather than careful - it ended up in my "just large enough to possibly be useful in the future" scrap basket!

My second attempt was much more successful. I cut each piece individually and didn't try to be clever! It doesn't really curl like that - the seams just don't lie quite flat enough!
Cutting blue fabric on a blue mat can sometimes be a bit tricky!
I really like this block - I think it it looks sophisticated.


  1. I like it too. I like both materials separately and combined and I always like blue.

  2. Very pretty! I did a quilt with this disappearing block-very fun to see the new patterns emerge! You are getting very adventurous!

  3. Very nice and great colour combinations too!

  4. i do love that style of block making. I want to try more of it!


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