Saturday 11 June 2011

thread and bobbin storage

On Monday night, WM and I were discussing options for storing threads and bobbins. I have seen containers for storing threads and containers for storing bobbins but I, being different, wanted to store the threads with their matching bobbins.

We discussed a peg board on the wall (dust magnet) and trays inside drawers (too hard to see the colours from on top). WM had a brilliant idea - he looked on the Internet! That may not sound like much to you but it is not a normal idea for WM.

Anyway, he found a "bobbin box" from a company called CraftLocker. But what he found was not a "bobbin box" it was a plastic case designed to hold thread and one or two bobbins - together.

The one WM found was an ebay type auction - no longer available; but, using the information given, I found a company in Australia called Craftainers who sell all kinds of amazing storage and gadgets for crafters.
picture copied from Craftainers

I ordered one bobbin box and one set of extra pins. I paid standard Australian postage (not express or parcel post. I ordered late on Monday evening. The box was here on Wednesday afternoon - nicely packed, goods in order. Now that is not good service - that is great service!

I couldn't wait to open it and put my meagre thread supplies inside! There'll be more threads and more "Thread and Bobbin Boxes" in my future I am sure!

Thank you Craftainers; I will be back to shop with you again!


  1. That is such a great container! I was JUST thinking about storage for my bobbins because they are everywhere... hmmm. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Wow, that is a great service. The container is a cool idea no more unruly bobbins lying around :)

  3. Looks great and things will be out of the way of curious little fingers too.

  4. Excellent find! I may have to investigate one for myself.


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