Sunday, 29 May 2011

Australian Inland Mission

The Australian Inland Mission was formed by John Flynn, the same person who started what is now known as the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

Australian Inland Mission is now known as the Presbyterian Inland Mission.

I was the contact point for warm clothing and accessories donated to this organisation through the members and friends of Knit4Charities during the month of April. The items will be distributed to Aboriginal communities, mostly in remote regions of the Northern Territory.

This year we received 510 wonderful donations. Thanks to everybody who contributed.

These pictures are a desperate attempt by DD and I to photograph all the items.

255 beanies/hats:

54 scarves

19 pairs mitts and gloves (there are also five scarves in this picture)

9 blankets and 2 baby wraps

10 teddies, 2 sunhats, 2 pairs slippers, five pouches and two pairs jeans (new)

9 neckwarmers and headbands, 27 pairs of socks/booties/slippers

10 ponchos/vests

99 jumpers/cardigans/vests (sweaters)


  1. Excellent haul-will make many people happy this winter! Aren't you glad you got to chronicle all this!?

  2. Wow so many wonderful items there. Your holiday house looks nice and relaxing although the stairs would be good exercise wouldnt they. I love watching kookaburras too. Thanks for the comment on my blog - yes Paul is going away again soon but I hope he stays here another week before he goes again.

  3. Well done by all concerned. No wonder your place was full of parcels.

  4. just popped over from Amy's, looks like you have a fab stash there to pass on, there will be some happy people!

  5. Awesome! You have some very generous souls donating to the cause. Wonderful work :-)

  6. Certainly a lot of generous knitters and crocheters. Job well done by the group

  7. my goodness that's a lot of very worthy knitting!

  8. Wow, what a generous haul! Well done to all of you!


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