Saturday, 28 May 2011

birdlife at Patonga

This is the house we stayed in (taken at low tide; at high tide the rocks in the right foreground were in the water)

... the advertising didn't mention all those stairs to the right of the photo up to the wooden balustrade then the walk across the front of the house to the even steeper flight of stairs up the left side of the house!

On the Monday after DD, SIL and GS#1 left, WM spent some time taking photos, including this bush turkey (WM was on the upper deck, the turkey on the balustrade below)
WM went downstairs to take this shot:

And who could resist these kookaburras?

Kookaburras are sometimes called "laughing jackasses" because of their unusual call. If you've never heard one, you can see a short video here.

As you can see from this sharp hooked beak, kookaburras are carnivores.

It's interesting to watch them bashing cold sausages just as if they were killing a live lizard or snake!

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  1. The turkey I recognize-the kookaburra is unique to Australia-very fun to see them in real life! The stairs would be a challenge, we stayed for a week at a place like that but I was 27 years younger than now!


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