Saturday, 14 May 2011

Applique Adventures in Knitterland
more blocks started and a lesson learnt

On Tuesday I created six more blocks like the one I showed in Tuesday's post.

I am learning so much but one important lesson I learnt on Tuesday was never to let anyone, even the tutor, work out how much fabric I need. I am short of the bottle green background fabric for one block. I have several options:
  • email her and ask her to send me another 90" length of the fabric (it's the widest fabric I've ever seen)  for one 12 1/2 inch square. I don't know whether she would charge me for the fabric and the postage, or just the fabric.
  • piece together some of the left over fabric to make one block
  • buy a different fabric for the background of seven of the fifteen blocks
This last one is the option I am currently considering. Remember in my last post I thought that the bottle green might be a poor choice? It's very dark and I don't want the quilt to be dark and brooding - I want it to be fun. So, I'm thinking that a light coloured background would be a good way to lift the whole quilt (once again, comments appreciated).


  1. Now that's a challenge. I think if you were vacillating over colour choice then going with a second colour might work better rather than trying to fudge a final square from scraps.

  2. I am not a quilter but I would probably go with a second colour too. I wonder if a bright red would go well (it might be a bit christmassy, though?). Or maybe a nice orange?

  3. Contact the teacher and let her know you are out of the planned background color and see what you can work out with her-if it is so wide, you would only need 13" or so, so it wouldn't be too expensive. The blocks will get their color and lightening from the additional colors you are adding. I like a consistent palette but if you can't get the same color then a diff one will be fine for the same reasons! Great job!


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