Sunday 15 May 2011

parcels arriving

As a member of Knit4Charities, I am again collecting warm clothing and accessories on behalf of Australian Inland Mission, an arm of the Presbyterian Church. The parcels have been steadily arriving since Wednesday 27th April. DD found a home for the parcels as they arrived and the pile has been steadily growing.

This is the space between a bookshelf and a set of drawers that was empty so that I could fit in another set of drawers.

In addition to this 180cm (6 feet) tower of parcels, I also have these three bags:

I have bought another set of drawers but assembly will have to wait - DD wants me to hold off opening these until she comes home from her trip north to see the in-laws!

ETA: This was supposed to post on Thursday but Blogger was having maintenance issues. On Friday I received three more parcels so the tower of parcels would be more like seven feet now! My thanks to all the contributors; it'll be like Christmas in May when we open them all.


  1. What a great response-looks like a good cause to collect and disperse all the knitted wear-I am sure a ton of that is from you, too!

  2. Wow that is a LARGE amount of parcels. Can't wait to see the goodies


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