Monday 4 April 2011

stash enhancement at no expense

My parents-in-law live in a self-care unit in a retirement village. There is a hostel in the village for people who can no longer look after themselves.

Now and then, the hostel and/or self care residents are given donations of yarn. The women at the village knit or crochet for charity, usually items for babies. Recently, they were given a donation of yarn that was deemed not suitable for their needs.

MIL knows that DD and I knit for charity; in fact, she reads this blog (hi, mum). She rang me and asked if I could use some yarn. I told her I can always use yarn - any type, any weight, any quantity. MIL was visiting DD in her "new" house and gave her the bag of yarn.

100g skein of sock yarn added for scale
The bag contained:

two 50g skeins of navy Patons (Australia) Alpaca Classique

eight 50g skeins of white Sean Sheep Ruffles

eleven 50g skeins of navy Patons (Australia) Overlander

twelve 50g skeins of beige Emu Superwash Chunky

fifteen 40g skeins of brown Super Sharlea Merino 8ply (DK)

sixteen 50g skeins of navy Patons Herdwick

twenty-one skeins of yellow-orange Patons Cedar

and thirty 50g skeins of brown Villawool Slalom.

That's over 10kg of donated yarn.

Thanks, mum, from DD, myself and all the people who will benefit from our knitting. And many thanks to the unknown donor/s.


  1. Oh My Gosh - I think Christmas just came early!!!
    Some really nice yarn to play with :-)
    A bit of yarn karma, maybe :-)

  2. I think it found just the right home! You will have a great time turning this into useable items-happy for you! Yeah for Moms!

  3. Oh goodness, that's a *lot* of yarn! Looks like there's some delightful vintage morsels in there too.

  4. Maybe they couldn't use the yarn because it was natural and not acrylic. Either way it's a big win for you :-)


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