Tuesday 5 April 2011

sock story

I have knitted many socks.

I have tutored a workshop in knitting socks.

Why, then, can I not knit socks that actually fit me?

I have knitted four pairs of socks for myself.

The first were too big and were frogged.

Online Supersocke Cotton

The second were worn, but they were also too big and were frogged.

Tofutsies yarn

The third were knitted from the yarn from the first pair. The first sock fitted like a dream.

Waving Lace socks from "Favourite Socks"

The second sock, you may remember the saga, was knitted several months later on the same needles, with the same yarn, by the same knitter, and was Way. Too. Big.

The fourth pair of socks have languished for months waiting for the toes to be grafted.

Tidal Wave Socks from "South Seas Trading Company"

Why have they waited so long? I think the legs are too short and I'm not sure that the foot is long enough - it's snug, perhaps a little too snug!

I think I may have to frog back to the heel turning and add another pattern repeat.

As if that wasn't enough; last week I was cleaning up the knitting corner - it's the place where DD and I store UFOs, WIPs and hibernating projects. I found a small drawstring bag.

"What's in that?" I wondered, aloud, to myself.

You guessed it - a lone (knitted for charity) sock, waiting for its mate. *sigh*

I think I'm off to frog and/or knit socks.


  1. Sounds like you need to just sit down and do some sock knitting. I graft the toes on my socks using my knitting needles, not a sewing needle. Let me know if you want a link for "how to".

  2. Thank you for the laugh this morning-I DO hope you are laughing, too! The socks you have knit are beautiful-so what is the problem?! Have fun finishing up those socks! It will be worth it!

  3. You must knit both socks at the same time. First the ribs - then to the heel - the heel step by step - the foot - the toe. It kosts just dubble up with needles.

    Gitte from Denmark

  4. first thing, maybe you should knit two in quick succession. Don't leave a gap.

    secondly, make notes. just in case you change anything.

    thirdly, are you use proper sock yarn? I wouldn't knit socks from cotton unless they were written for cotton. Sounds like you've been using stuff that isn't necessarily safe - I know tofutsies is nice but maybe just make something out good, plain sock wool and see how that goes. Cotton etc don't hold their shape well. Go for something that's part nylon for good stretch and shape keeping. That's got to help.


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