Wednesday, 9 March 2011

What's in the knitter's corner?

My knitting corner is a mess! My preferred place to knit is on a 2 1/2 seater lounge (sofa) looking out onto the garden. My knitting bag, a project bag (or two) and a book (or two) are usually all that's on the other seat. Today there is a pile of stuff on the "spare" seat. It doesn't usually look like this and today it will be cleared and look like normal again. I like to be reasonably tidy and to be able to just move things quickly so someone can sit there if need be. I have been so busy knitting and reading or listening to audiobooks that I have got into a big jumble!

So what's there?
  • two hats, a scarf and a pair of socks waiting to be photographed - scarves, socks and hats look so much better modelled than photographed flat (DD is visiting today so we can take the photos and pack the stuff in the "ready-to-go" charity box)
  • my March Mystery 220 project - second clue today; woo-hoo! action: knit the clue then pack the WIP in a project bag until next week's clue
  • one Ambassador of Love mitten (Rav link) - incomplete, waiting for the top to be grafted and the thumb knitted; this was one of the two January Mystery 220 projects; I cast on two days ago - I am knitting it as a mystery object so haven't paid attention to the pattern page
  • three loose dpns that were being used for the mitten and will be needed again to complete the thumb
  • a magnetic board holding the chart for the Ambassador of Love mittens
  • No Purl scarf (Corrugator scarf) - started last week and ripped out and started again last night because it was too narrow; this is my television/travel knitting
  • the project bag containing the yarn-in-use from which I am knitting the No Purl Scarf
  • two pre-wound balls for the No Purl Scarf - the project I took to DD's and didn't get around to knitting!
  • an empty project bag (to be used for the March Mystery 220 project)
  • scrap papers containing instructions for the Corrugator Scarf, the Ambassador of Love mittens and the Old Shale Wimple (now frogged but I'd like to try it again)
  • two knitting books (Rav links): Handknits to Wrap and Adorn (I was going to knit a beanie from this book but settled on the Slip Stitch Stash Hat instead) and Big Book of Knitting by Katherine Buss (I was looking for cast on instructions but it didn't help because being left handed I couldn't follow the directions and didn't have a mirror handy)
  • patterns for Slip Stitch Stash Hat and Fourth Grade Hat (Rav links): both completed - see first bullet point
  • a yarn label with the instructions for knitting socks - file for possible later use/reference
  • a pair of scissors and a pin cushion holding my tapestry needle and needle threader (used for grafting and sewing in ends) - these are usually on the lounge within easy reach
  • a tape measure because my knitting bag is under so much stuff I can't put it away
  • a booklet containing information about workshops and coupons for the Craft Expo which opens tomorrow
  • The Tin Ticket: the story of convict women in Australia; my great-great-grandmother, Agnes McMillan, is one of the central characters
  • Bridget Jones's Diary - I've never seen the movie and was offered the book to read - didn't even finish the first month of the diary, didn't like the writing style or content; skipped to the end which was as I expected! Won't bother to hire the movie!!

And in the immediate vicinity?

  • a bag containing two EZ UFOs - a February Baby Sweater that needs buttons and a Tomten that needs the zipper sewn in; the zipper is pinned but I have to search for some matching yarn/thread to do the job
  • my Fibonnacci Strip blanket (afghan) which still has about 300 ends to be sewn in!
  • my iPod (in its docking station) loaded with a couple of audiobooks - my current listening is Julie Andrews*: an intimate biography (by Richard Stirling), and next in the queue is Slave: my true story (by Mende Nazar)
  • the TV guide from the Sunday paper

What's in your knitting corner?

*Although Julie Andrews had an intinerant childhood, for the most part she grew up in Walton-on-Thames in Surrey, England; which is the same place where my great-great-grandfather, William Thomas Bowley, was born and raised. His father, Edward, was the local barber/hairdresser.


  1. Oh my goodness, what a pile of work you have there (I'm checking out all the links).
    I am currently only working on one project - Saroyan. But I'm on the lookout for some easy patterns for charity(which explains the above).
    Can't seem to 'listen' to books, still love the 'old' style. I must give it more tries

  2. As i live with son and DIL for just a bit longer, I try to keep where I knit downstairs reasonably tidy apart from what I'm currently knitting.

    However, I'm glad you didn't ask about what my desk looks like. Over the last week or so, it has accumulated a pile of unfiled papers I need to keep, several books, another two books just delivered from book depository and assorted bits and pieces.

  3. I would love to visit! You have some alluring things i your corner! I do have to beat back the clutter from my corner every once in a while-usually when I am too busy to knit it gets dumped on! Right now, I have two ufo's (a February Sweater from 2 yrs ago, a fancy mohair shrug), baby knit hats, the silk hankie handwarmers and the mystery 220 and a pile of magazines!


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