Sunday, 13 March 2011

Sydney Craft Expo 2011

On Friday, I volunteered to assist with the Knitters' Guild of NSW stand at the Craft Expo which was held at Rosehill Racecourse. I had the afternoon shift (1.00 - 4.30pm) so I had the morning to do as I pleased. I attended the following seminars:
  • Scrap Happy with Pam Davis of "Picklemouse Cottage"
  • Quick and Quirky Quilts with Judy Hansen of "Busy Thimbles"
  • A Flannel Affair with Pam Davis of "Picklemouse Cottage"
  • Charm Pack Quilts with "Logan's Patchwork and Quilting" 
Yesterday, DD and I went to the Expo for the day. We attended the following seminars:
  • More Quilt As You Go Ideas with Michelle Poole of "Moonshine"
  • Children's 'I Spy' Quilts with Heather Bartsch of "Barossa Quilt and Craft Cottage"
  • Quilt as You Go Scrap Savers with Julie Wallace of "Quilters Barn"
  • Patchwork for Beginners with Julie Wallace of "Quilters Barn"
  • Tips, Tricks and the Latest Gadgets for Patchwork and Quilting with Elizabeth Wallace of "Aussie Patches"
Are we sensing a theme here? (Stop smiling, Delighted Hands!) The fact of the matter is that there were no seminars on knitting, only one on crochet, and one on dyeing. So, of course, we had to take the patchwork options! LOL

We had no intention of taking that last seminar. We're not interested in buying any more gadgets but somehow we ended up in the seminar anyway! And the outcome was a lengthy chat with Elizabeth Wallace and two more people joining her patchwork workshop on 9th April! (take that grin off your face, C!)

As for retailers, if one took away all the stalls selling patchworking materials more than 50% of the Expo would have gone. Take away the papercrafts and beads and 90% of the Expo would be gone! Let's just say there wasn't much there if your only interest was in knitting, crochet and dyeing.

So, was there any retail therapy for us? Well, put it this way: if we get out the sewing machine from hibernation, GB#2 will have four new cloth books!


  1. Thanks for this info. I'm glad I didn't make the trip to Sydney for the show (which I've done most other years in August) .. I'm only really interested in crochet/knitting so would have been disappointed, not to mention how much out of pocket on accommodation. Instead I went to the Spotlight knitting party & won myself the basket of yarn.

  2. You are so right-I have a great big grin on my face! It is inspiring to look at all the quilting possiblities! Have fun togeher making the quilted books!

  3. i've never attended a seminar at the craft show. Perhaps this year I'll change that. It sounds worth while.


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