Wednesday 23 March 2011

stash enhancement

I didn't intend to - I was curious.

DD and I went to the Big Box Craft Store on Tuesday. We went there on purpose. DD and I have a quilt to finish and needed batting/wadding and fabric for sash strips. It made sense to buy the same brand of fabric we had used for the quilt, right? We didn't want to buy high quality fabric to use with our "budget brand" blocks.

As I said, I was curious. So, even though quilting fabrics and knitting yarns are at diagonally opposite ends of the Big Box Store, I wandered around to the yarn department - out of curiosity, remember. That's when I saw them: the very same 100g skeins of sock yarn that I bought on special at the end of winter for $6 a skein; the exact same colourways that were $14.99 a skein during winter 2010.

And they were $2.50 for 100g. That's right - $2.50. So I did what any right-minded yarn collector would do - I bought ten skeins!

Now, the challenge is where I'm going to put them - my sock yarn box is so full the lid won't stay on: I guess I'll have to knit them!

The fabric we bought for the sashing is navy blue homespun - the photos will be more exciting (than looking at plain navy fabric) when we sew it onto the blocks!

And this fabric is not stash enhancement - it's the backing fabric for the project mentioned in my previous post. Isn't it cute?


  1. That yarn looks interesting - what brand is it ? Mind you, I'm like you, don't need more stash but on the other hand, can't resist an 'interesting' bargain.

  2. Well, you would have been crazy to pass up that bargain!!

  3. Remember that yarn and fabric do NOT spoil so they are always good purchases! Love the new yarn you picked out-great bargain! And the quilt pad backing is adorable!

  4. Um, er, is Big Box Store code for another name, I wonder if there's one around here anywhere.....
    At $2.50 for a pair of socks you would have been crazy to leave it there.

  5. I got some too!
    A few weeks ago.
    I didn't have much money on me. So I only bought 3 balls. It was a mixed purple pink & grey and the orange red mix that you have in your photo.


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