Monday, 28 March 2011

knitting progress

Some knitting has taken place here between the piecing and patchworking sessions. The socks are finished, except for the grafting.

The Cynthia Blue No-Purl Scarf, aka the Corrugator Scarf (Rav link), continues slowly. It's my commuter knitting and therefore doesn't get much knitting time since I only commute one day per week. I did, however, knit some last night while watching Midsomer Murders; I needed something I could knit without following a graph or instructions.

The March Mystery 220 project hasn't proceeded past Clue 1. I must get onto it before it's time to cast on for April! Even though I know what the finished object is, I'm not entirely sure what it looks like. I skimmed past a photo on another blog (well done on completing yours, C.)

My sample for the entrelac workshop (part 2) I am teaching at the Blue Mountains group of the Knitters' Guild of NSW is finished. This one (unblocked) is in garter stitch but the foundation triangles are made the same way as they would be for stocking stitch, except this way has no purl stitches.

And... since I didn't show you my samples for the workshop I did last weekend (19th March), here are two unblocked examples of garter stitch entrelac (a la Brenda Horne).


  1. You have some excellent knitting going on! The garterlac is very pretty-all of them! The socks are incredible-the mystery knit is well worth the time-I did add some ribbing to the bottom of mine and liked the way it neatened it up.

  2. The socks look great!...
    I almost bought that colour.


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