Tuesday 22 March 2011

Piecing in Knitterland
lessons learnt


  1. Just because you're piecing scraps doesn't mean the 'rules' don't apply!
  2. Don't stretch the fabric while sewing and/or pressing.
  3. Press, don't iron!
  4. It's better to square the work up as you go, not wait until the piece is the finished size.
  5. It's better to press the work thoroughly - from the front as well as the back - before squaring up.
  6. Seams need to be the same width, not fluctuate widely (in the same seam).
  7. Beware the curving of seams as you come to the end of the seam, especially when piecing longer strips.
  8. Working with the grain of the fabric instead of pulling against it will result in less curved seams!
  9. Stitching small pieces of scraps together ad hoc (and pressing each seam) takes just as long (possibly longer) as if you'd cut the pieces deliberately!
  10. Two small pieces the same width can create funny angles when sewn together if care is not taken to match edges carefully and keep the seam straight!
  11. Any piece with a non-square end, will not be square when attached to another piece. This is okay, if you don't mind weird angles.
  12. Small pieces less than one inch wide are liable to disappear when seams are sewn.
  13. It's probably better to cut all those thread ends as you go rather than wait till the project is done.
  14. A small project, only 18 inches wide and 24 inches long, made from dozens of small pieces has many seams and therefore takes much longer than you anticipate!
close up detail from lower left side
A good project for learning some valuable lessons and a useful top created. Now I just need to wash the flannelette fabric I bought today for the backing (no wadding on this one).

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