Wednesday 23 June 2010

stash enhancement

I went to the Big Box Store again today. Moda Vera "Noir" (sock yarn) sells for $14.95 per 100g skein. I bought nine balls on special for $7 each. This yarn should make great men's socks for next year's Homeless Connect Day. It's darker than it shows here.

Moda Vera "Pure Wool 8ply" (DK) was on special for $1.50 per 50g ball - that's pure wool for $30 a kilogram: almost the same price as acrylic at one of the Capital Letter department stores and heaps cheaper than the other! Not quite as inexpensive as the Mill Shop in Wangaratta (but I had a wider choice of colours) and quite a bit cheaper than the mail order from the other well-known Victorian mill (although their yarn is softer). Needless to say, some of this also followed me home! LOL

I also have to confess to a kilogram of Bendigo "Neon" (a soon to be discontinued yarn) following me home from the Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair last week. This is also a lot darker than it shows in this photo - think charcoal instead of purple!

As you can see, I'm adding to my wool stash and slowly but surely using up my synthetics. If you have befriended me on Ravelry, don't be alarmed if my activity shows more stashing than I've admitted to, I decided today to take some photos of stash I already have listed  -  Ravelry only adds it to the activity page when there's a photo!


  1. always lovely to see fellow knitters having a bit of crazy stash enhancement! No noises of disapproval here!

  2. Right place at the right time! I like the colours you have bought, even if they don't show correctly here. I enjoy making things to give away. I'm currently working on a second Brangian shawl. This one is not exactly a charity gift, but for the wife of a pastor who has been quite ill. They've had a rough time lately and I thought something lacy and feminine might be nice for her.

  3. Oh, beautiful...adding yarn is a very good thing!

  4. Very nice! Stash enhancement is always good, and bargain enhancement is even better!

  5. Nice finds! Like everyone said, there's nothing wrong with a bit of stash enhancement!


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