Sunday 20 June 2010

long weekend

warning: photo heavy post

The Queen's birthday holiday is celebrated in NSW on the second Sunday of June. WM had the previous Friday as an RDO so we decided to spend the weekend away from home. After a relaxing weekend away, there is nothing worse than being caught in the traffic snarls as people come back to Sydney after the weekend so we chose to go to Blackheath in the Blue Mountains (about an hour from home).

We stayed at Maybourne Cottage for four nights. It was a lovely, quiet weekend which included some bushwalking, some lovely views and some quiet times (for reading, knitting and watching TV). WM enjoyed the spa and playing with the slow combustion fire.

Blackheath is within the Blue Mountains National Park. Below are some of the dozens of photos WM took over the four days.

Grose Valley from Pulpit Rock:

Bridal Veil Falls from Pulpit Rock and Govetts Leap:

The "easy" path with a "few" steps to Pulpit Rock (yeah, right!):

Pulpit Rock (in the middle ground) from Govett's Leap:

reflections in the Megalong Valley:

destination - Walls Cave:

Greaves Creek canyon and stepping stones:

Walls Cave

a lyrebird: native to Australia

Australia's national flower: wattle (species = acacia):


  1. I love the Blue Mountains, what a lovely weekend away. The photos are gorgeous.

  2. Beautiful Blue Mountains. Glad you and WM and a enjoyable relaxing weekend.

  3. Lynne they are amazing photo's. Look's like you had a great weekend =]

  4. I love the Blue Mountains and have spent many happy hours there. Mum and Dad bought a little old place in Lawson from friends of my grandparents. When dad retired, they built on the block next door. I have my eye on a couple of places in Lawson but may end up staying in the city.

    Pulpit Rock? Three girlfriends and I stayed in a small cottage near Govetts Leap while we were in Uni. (A long time ago). We took that walk from Govetts Leap to Pulpit Rock just after snow. We were very glad to get back all in one piece as the path was very slippery and there were no rails, even near the cliff edges.

  5. What an amazingly beautiful place you visited! Nice array of photos!

  6. Great photos - I do love the area

  7. Wow. Those are amazing photos, what a gorgeous spot to spend some time!

  8. Breathtaking! Sounds like heaven.

  9. What glorious pictures - it is so long since I visited the Blue Mountains - this makes me want to go again - soon!

    I seem to have been hit by Asian spammers - at least I can't read their comments!

  10. it's on my list to spend more time in the Blue Moutntains. You captured some beautiful stuff there Lynne!

  11. Looks like a lovely relaxing weekend! The Blue Mountains is such a pretty area.

  12. Oh these are such beautiful photographs, and I adore the one of the lyrebird. This has brought back so many memories, we spent our honeymoon in Blackheath in 2004.


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