Sunday, 30 May 2010

stash enhancement

On Thursday night, DD and I went to the Big Box Store because they were having a special evening related to quilting. It was the most crowded we have ever seen that section of the store and, for the most part, the tidiest we have ever seen that section!

However, we didn't feel incliined to join the long queue in order to save $2 on flannelette (which is what we needed) so we left the area with some binding clips, some non-melt quilting pins and some tee pins (for blocking knitting). We somehow found ourselves in the yarn section! LOL

They had pure Australian wool for just $2.00 a 50g skein (normally $2.99). So, I bought four skeins to knit some more mitts for Homeless Connect Day.

Sock yarn was reduced from $14.95 for 100g to $7.00 - now that's a bargain. But I managed to find some of last year's colourways for $6 a skein - even better!
Total: 1200g of yarn. For someone who wasn't intending to enhance the stash at all, I think I've done rather well!


  1. Excellent catch on the yarns.....I don't know why it has to be so slow for cutting fabric-it is that way here, too.

  2. Okay I know I'm slow; but why has it taken me this long to realise that the big box Store is Spotlight.

    What gave it away? The Moda Vera yarn. Blah I want a Spotlight near me! Okay I have one, which is about 45mins drive. Yes I know I did this in Sydney,but that was always after a lovely morning tea with my friends.

  3. Did they have much sock wool left on the bargin table?

    I got some sock wool a month ago off the bargin table and some cotton for Katie make dish cloths. I think it would be good pratice for her knitting skills.

    The sock wool was purples and greens for $6. I was going to go back and get some more when I was passing through the other day but I ran out of time. I usually only go down to Penrith once in a while.

    I have a layby to pick next week at the Wool Inn so I might pop in and see if there is any thing left on the bargin table.:)

    Didn't get to the knitting guild last month Son#1 had a birthday party to go to. We are at a new school now and I wanted to get a chance to meet the other mothers in my son class. Its hard at school to have a chat. Lou keeps running off. I was dissapointed only 3 parents stayed even the birthday boy mum was surprised as well that not more mums didn't stay. I was thinking dam I should gone to the meeting my Son would of been fine without me there.

  4. oh you did well. Im a big fan of stash enhancement, as you know....

  5. I never knew that Spotlight was called the Big Box store? Have I been living under a rock? LOL Great yarn purchases, loving that delicious red. And I'm so proud that you're doing quilting too, have I told you how proud of you I am?

  6. Lovely shades of wool. I love that your are knitting for the needy. Best wishes and thanks for the visits to my blog. I always love to hear from you.
    Best wishes,


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