Friday 28 May 2010

Sydney Homeless Connect Day - preview

The intention of this post is to share some of the wonderful things that are happening in our world; not to boast about our involvement.

On Tuesday 8 June, DD and I will be working as volunteers at the Homeless Connect Day to be held at Sydney Town Hall.

Last month I sent twenty beanies to a fellow member of knit4charities. Some of those beanies ended up going to homeless people through the Footpath Library, the rest were given to the organisers of the Homeless Connect Day.

Inspired by the great number of items that were donated to Australian Inland Ministries through knit4charities, DD and I have spent the last two weeks knitting some items that would be useful to homeless people in what looks like being a long, cold, wet winter in Sydney:
one beanie, five scarves and three pairs of fingerless mitts (two pairs were identical so only one pair of the olive coloured mitts has been shown)

Yesterday, I bought some Moda Vera Pure Wool 8ply (DK) for just $2 per 50g ball - hopefully I'll find time to knit some more mitts this weekend.

ETA Four more pairs of fingerless mitts (mine) and several blanket squares (DD's) were added to this group before it was  posted off. See Ravelry for Lady's Fingerless Mitts #4, #5, #6 and #7.


  1. Very classy knitting-excellent work. Isn't it great to knit with your daughter?!!

  2. At the Ipswich Street Links Day (similar to HCD) beanies, scarves, mitts and blankets were the most wanted. Lots of children jumpers went as well.

  3. Well done Lynne, they look like good, hardy useful knits, for a really good cause.

  4. I was in Katoomba on Wednesday night it was very cold and windy. I was thinking thank god I have a roof over my head and I have a warm home to go to.

    Thank you for doing this for other less fortunate than we are. The gloves look good, warm and practical.


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