Saturday, 13 March 2010

Sydney Craft Expo

DD and I took three week old GS#1 to the Craft Expo on Thursday. No sooner had we got in the door than he wanted feeding! * sigh *

We did manage to attend a couple of seminars and demonstrations and, because it was the first day of a four day Expo and was fairly quiet, managed to push the stroller through the aisles without bumping into too many people.

There were only four stalls selling yarn (which is nothing unusual) so it's just as well we never attend these events for the knitting!

The highlight for both of us, was participating in Boot Camp run by Husqvarna Viking to make blocks to be made into quilts for Haiti. DD toook some sewing classes last year but my last 'drive' of a sewing machine was thirteen years ago and then I was making drawstring bags and supervising DD making boxer shorts for her father's birthday. When we finished our blocks, we received a badge that looked much like this:

It was so much fun and so easy that I now am trying to ignore all those scraps of fabric hiding in the top of the wardrobe from days when I used to sew my own clothes! Catsmum and Delighted Hands (and any other quilters among you) will no doubt be smiling and willing me to open that long closed carton!! LOL


  1. Yes, come join the wonderful world of quilting!!! Your grandson needs a grandma-made quilt!! Glad you got to share a day together, sounds like a perfect way to spend a day!

  2. It sounds like quite a nice outing, I especially like the sound of making quilt blocks for Haiti.

    I'm teetering on the brink of learning how to quilt (and sew more generally), but I'm worried about how I'll deal with a yarn and fabric stash at the same time!

  3. I await the sequel with 'bated breath!! :]


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