Monday 15 March 2010

DD the enabler

Well, since the excitement of last week's Craft Expo, I have been unable to get to sleep with too many thoughts (aka ideas) whizzing around my mind. I awake to more excited thoughts. But I was keeping myself under control. The carton of long-stashed fabric scraps (and a couple of unused lengths) still remains untouched at  the top of the wardrobe.

Yesterday, around 1pm, DD rang to tell me that our local big box craft store was having a three day sale which finished yesterday. Did I want to go? DD was just leaving home and had to go via SIL's grandmother's place so wasn't likely to get anywhere near my local area in time so I tentatively agreed. DD must have really wanted to go - about two hours before closing time I got another call: "I'm nearly there - please meet me at the store."

How do I let her talk me into these things? And how did all this manage to follow me home? (ETA There are two photos because I couldn't get an accurate purple but adding red to the one on the left messed up the other colours!)

That's right - seven metres of fabric and three reels of cotton. The photo doesn't show the fold-up cutting board that also came out of the store with us (I use them, covered with a disposable plastic tablecloth, for blocking my knitting and occasionally for their original purpose!)

As I said, DD is a great enabler - especially when it's not her money we're spending! LOL

 Delighted Hands and (especially you)  Catsmum, please. stop. smiling! It's not funny!! I don't need another craft in my life! This is a knitting blog!


  1. I'm pretty sure it's never too hot to sew!! Great fabric choices, I especially love the one with the little birds (I think) on it!

  2. Welcome to the dark side of sewing! We knew you would cave; it only makes sense! Knitting and quilting are perfect sister crafts. Love your fabric choices-this is gonna be good! Hooray for DD's influence on your purchases

  3. Heh. I tell you, knitting is a gateway craft. There are always more fiber arts to acquire (ask the woman who now has three spinning wheels!).

  4. Now isn't that what a DD is for? Being an enabler not with her money. Absolutely love the colour choices. When will you find the time? I can see a new title 'Never to hot to craft'

  5. It must be something in the air, or perhaps the water, Lynne. This morning I was poring over my Amy Butler's In Stitches, Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross and the crafty minx by Kelly Doust. I've just made a fruitless trip to Lyncraft in the city. Loads of rubbish and aisles too narrow for two people at a time.

    Actually, I blame that Cindy2paw. Look at all her lovely sewing recently. Set the mind working and running along paths it really doesn't need to.

  6. Nothing wrong with a little quilting creeping in.....if I hadn't have broken my laptop you'd have photos of Tyler's car quilt. Alongside all of the other FO's that have been creeping in in the last couple of weeks. Ah can't wait for the new computer.

    Three cheers for DD who knows what will please you and pesters you until you cave!!

  7. Smiling? me? never!
    [ she says, smurking behind her hand ]
    anyway I think under the new grandchild rule you get a free pass to do whatever craft you desire :]

  8. I really REALLY love the colours you've chosen. It's addictive, just warning you!

  9. welcome Lynne to another addictive craft.. yarn and fabric stashes love living side by side and have been known to multiply overnight or at least mine love your color choices


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