Thursday 11 March 2010

in which I speak of hand-dyed yarn and frogged Waving Lace socks

In the week before mum arrived, I dyed some yarn. The acrylic that I dyed softened tremendously so I wondered if dyeing wool would do the same. DD and I bought a kilo (2.2 pounds) of white 8ply (DK) wool in Bendigo in 2008. I tried to knit with it but it was scratchy - certainly not soft enough to knit pilchers (soakers) for GS#1. It didn't really soften after being dyed and I am left with 200g of this. Wound up like that, I thought it looked like tartan so I'm calling it "Tartan Royale" (purple being the colour of royalty). On my monitor the colours are not as rich as they are in reality. The purple is very dark and the green not so bright. I think I'm going to knit a bag and felt it. Possibbly this one from my Ravelry queue. Of course, mine won't be striped like the one in the pattern. I'm just not sure what use I have for such a bag.

During that same week (the one where I visited the doctor because I had URTI again), I finally frogged those Waving Lace socks. You remember, the two socks I knitted several months apart when my gauge was completely different. Now they look like this:

Having already knitted this yarn twice (once into the socks shown here that were way too big) and the second time in two different gauges on the same needles, I am disinclined to cast on again. Maybe the onset of some cooler (less humid) weather will inspire me to knit socks! *sigh*


  1. How annoying that the yarn is still harsh. Felting sounds like a good plan for it. The colours are fabulous.

  2. I think felting is the best way to go. You could always try those slippers that you felt afterwards which would keep your feet nice and cozy in winter. It seems your mum had lots of fun sewing in the ends of your blanket and visiting with her new grandchild. I love the burpcloths too, the duckie is my favourite!

  3. Lynne
    dyeing can sometimes make the yarn even harsher - before you totally give up on the soaker idea, try a final rinse in hair conditioner. I've had it work wonders both on yarn and on finished product.


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