Wednesday 10 March 2010

Burp cloths

Firstly, I want to thank all those who left compliments for my burp cloths on my recent post.

But, I have an enormous apology to make - five in fact - to the authors of those patterns. I have just re-read my post and realised that I had omitted to acknowledge the source of the patterns. I have done so on my Ravelry project page but not here and it was very wrong of me.

The duck burp cloth is Quacking Up by Elaine Fitzpatrick. There is a pattern for a matching bib too.
The aeroplane cloth is Airplane, Free by Susan Mrenna
The horse cloth is giddy-up by Amy-lynne Mitchell
The "B" cloth is Knitted "B" dishcloth by Rhonda White
The musical cloth is Knitted Musical Notes by Rhonda White

My apologies to all these designers who make their patterns available free on Ravelry. I should have acknowledged you on the original post and have edited it to reflect your ownership of the pattern.


  1. Your life has been so up and down lately that it is an honest mistake. Something I am sure the designers will take in mind. We are only human, and all sometimes forget the simple things.

  2. oh i just assumed you got them from somewhere and didn't question it. I don't think it's a huge faux pas. It's not like you claimed they were yours!

  3. Nice to clear it up, good catch.


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