Monday, 8 March 2010

in which I speak of URTI and family and iTunes and not too much of knitting

I had been knitting projects for Grandson #1 but stopped abruptly after a visit to the doctor on Thursday 25th February. I had a respiratory tract infection for the second time in a month (why do I only get sick when I am on leave from work?) and the doc told me to stay away from DD, SIL and GS#1. *pout*

I figured that it probably wasn't a good idea to knit cute little goodies while I was coughing and spluttering germs everywhere so I had to start a new project which I’ll be able to wash in hot water! I began another blanket for Wrap with Love knitted in my own hand-dyed acrylic. I completed one strip 70 inches (1.75m) long and 8 inches (20cm) wide and began a second but grew weary of the whole garter stitch thing, even though I wasn't knitting just plain rows! The blanket is in an entrelac style, each larger square is made up of four smaller squares knitted in opposing directions.

Last Monday, 1st March, mum arrived to spend a few days with us. Really she was here to meet her first Great-Grandchild so, of course, the first place we went after meeting her train was DD's unit (apartment) where plenty of photos were taken.

During mum's stay there was shopping in the local mall (twice) and a look around the local markets, a visit to my in-laws (with DD, SIL and GS#1) and a visit to my DB and very pregnant DSIL (once again with DD, SIL and GS#1). DSIL is booked in for a Caesarean on 18th March but mum thinks she won't last that long!

On the two days that we didn't leave the house, mum sewed in hundreds of ends on the blanket I knitted late last year (also for Wrap with Love). Thanks mum! When she left yesterday morning I think she was glad to leave the blanket behind (with some ends still not sewn in!).

Most of yesterday, I spent studying iTunes – what’s available and how it works. Of course, I already had a library of knitting podcasts but I had to figure out how to download them to my iPod and how to remove the ones I have already listened to! It's amazing what's out there!! I’ve delved deeply into other types of podcasts (particularly those from Librivox) and what’s available in audio-book form. I had been considering signing up with (after listening to several podcasts of Sticks and String which they have been sponsoring) but I’m not sure – books on iTunes seem to be cheaper! Has anyone any experience in purchasing audio-books that they want to share?


  1. Can't help you with the books. I'm still a paper addict when it coms to books. You can see my new monitor sits on a pile of diverse books.

    I have some music and some talks from conferences on iTunes, but seem to forget about it often. Really prefer quiet most of the time.

    Hope you get rid of the URTI and quickly. I had a really heavy cold when my first granddaughter, second grandchild, was born. Didn't get as cuddle for a couple of weeks.

  2. the thing with audible is that you pay a monthly fee for one credit (about $15US) and can get one book, no matter the price, for that one credit. If you want to buy extra books then it's more obviously, but I tend to buy very long books and so never buy more than one a month! For a book that goes for 17+ hours, which might otherwise cost $40, it's pretty good value!

  3. Sewing in ends! Your mother sounds like a fabulous guest.

  4. Hope you keep feeling better! The grandson is growing-soround and healthy looking! Nice knits, too!Check out your local library for online downloads for audio books-it is the best way to have books on your ipod without cutting into the yarn budget!!!


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