Wednesday 10 February 2010

a quick knit, a not-so-quick knit and The Friday Night Knitting Club

I cast on for Grandbubby's Pilchers (Soakers) last night using 8ply (DK) yarn hand-painted by DD in her first attempt at dyeing in a workshop in December 2007. She is not really a green person but since we don't know whether she is having a girl or a boy, green was a safe choice. The pattern I used was Flowerpot Tots DK Shorties and Longies (Rav link). They were designed to be knit on two needles - I started that way but soon changed to circular needles after completing the gusset. 100 stitches on 4dpns to complete the waistband was a bit tricky and I'm not 100% happy with the cast off at the waistband (perhaps I should have gone up another needle size or two). I also eliminated the cord that was threaded through the waistband - I don't know if this was a big mistake or not! We shall see how these go on Grandbubby before making any further modifications.

And for my not-so-quick knit, here is my Twisted Slipped Stitch Scarf (folded in half for the photo).
I modified the pattern called "Harris" in Jan Eaton's 100 Knitted Blocks to create this scarf which I began on 12 January. I should know to check that I have all the materials and/or tools I need before embarking on a project, and I was convinced that I had another 100g ball of the green yarn in the cupboard. I did, but it was not the same green! Consequently my knitting came to a screaming halt on 26 January. I was going to rip it all out but DD and WM wouldn't let me. Luckily I listened to them because while we were away last week, we went to a discount store in Corrimal that focuses on art and craft materials and they had the same brand of yarn in their stock and several balls of the same colour.

Unfortunately, the scarf was not one of the four projects I packed for the week away so I had to wait until we got home on Friday to check the colour and compare the dyelot. Fortunately, it is the right colour (I call it bottle green) and the dyelot may or may not be the same (I have long since lost the original ball band) but I can't see any variation in colour.

I finished the scarf on 5 February but didn’t get any photos until today. The finished scarf is 2m (80 inches) long and 12cm (4.5 inches) wide in keeping with the current fashion for long skinny scarves.

As for TFNKC, I asked people to leave a comment if they wanted me to pass the book on to them. WM drew the lucky "winner" out of a hat, oops, sorry, a recycled ice-cream container. The new soon-to-be owner is ...

Marcia.     Please contact me with your mailing address so I can get it in the post to you.


  1. That scarf is absolutely gorgeous! I'm glad that you were convinced not to rip it out, and that you found some yarn to finish it -- it's a winner :)

  2. I just love the diaper cover! I DO love green and it is so cute! The scarf is beautiful-it looks like you wove it! Great post.

  3. The scarf does look great with the different colors. I love the soakers too, you could alway pop some thick elastic into the top so they fit better if they are too big. Your daughter did a lovely job with dyeing the colors too, beautiful green!

  4. Hi there and just wanted to stop by and visit. I love your diaper soakers. I will have to share this with my DIL for baby Ana as she knits.

  5. I have been looking for the pattern on the scarf. I made a blanket with the same pattern many years ago and would like to make another blanket but I have lost the pattern and cannot find it anywhere. Can you share the pattern for the scarf?


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